Memory and Marketing

Human’s mind is amazing with different stages and levels. And somehow, it automatically classified information based on the importance of the message. Why? Because our minds are wired to remember certain types of messages. If you want a favorable outcome in business, your marketing and sales success is more likely when you instill long-term memory in your prospects. Creating long-term memory enhances your ability to make the sale and close the deal.
Marketers, on one hand, always try to focus on the immediate impact. They want to create visual shocks, colors oppositions and messages that just basically short but meaningless. But human mind is a powerful machine. It can sort out information that is crucial and leave negligible details behind. Hence, logically speaking, it is more important to stay in the customers’ mind than just a few flashes that will disappear after seconds.
According to Gary Hennerberg’s on Target Marketing digital, there are 3 levels of memory that are found in customers:
• Glance and Forget means that in seconds we forget what we just saw or read. The vast majority of social media and mass media, just to name a couple of channels, is just that: glance and forget. That’s why in these channels, repetition is key to move the prospect up the ladder to short-term memory.
• Short-Term Memory evaporates in just minutes or hours. This may be just enough time to move a person to action, but with the risk that there may be a misunderstanding of your product leading to cart abandonment, underutilized product potential, or cancellations.
• Long-Term Memory lasts several hours, a day, maybe a week, and in a few instances, a lifetime. Once you achieve long-term memory, your odds of closing the deal are significantly enhanced. Moreover, this is how your customer becomes an advocate and sticks with you in the long run.

Every business wants to attract new customers while maintaining the existing customers. Therefore, a comprehensive tool, with high emphasis on the meaning (the actual use of the tool) yet simple to remember and easy to use is significant in marketing nowadays as customers are more and more focused into what is helpful to them. If you are looking for one, yes, you are in luck because One Smart Star is here.
We provide Star number service acting as a hotline for your business. This star number consists of only a * and 4 digits after such as *9999 for Emergency Service from Family Medical Practice, *7666/*ROOM for Melia Hotel, *6868 for Home Credit which is very easy to remember yet simple to use. It also acts as an appealing message for your brand since it can be used with ease and customers effortlessly will remember your brand name. Instead of a 10-digits hotline which can cause confusion, and no one can remember, invest wisely into our Star number, and your customers will put your brand and your contact details in their mind for eternity. No more need of meaningless rhythmic messages or putting million dollars in graphic design which offers no actual use since your customers cannot contact your business as they saw it. Just think, and remember – One Smart Star’s Shen