Schools and smart services in communication systems

The application of intelligent and high technology services has been increasingly invested and deployed by the education sector, especially in schools and more particularly – in classrooms. Technology is everywhere, with mobile and other wireless devices and it affects on how we work, drive, communicate with each other and most importantly learn. More and more schools are highly aware of the importance of using “Hi-tech” equipment and innovative methods for teaching and learning at school.
This trend really brings many benefits not only to the school itself, but also to parents and students. Its potential is even more clearly proven in the communication system between the school and those who want to contact the school. Many schools still use basic communication channels such as hotline numbers for each department, fax number, school website, etc. Too many communication channels make it difficult for people who wish to contact the school for specific purpose in order to reach to the exact department and they are confused while trying and choosing the most convenient method.
For example, when a parent, or a student wants to get some enrollment information of National Economics University, they will first have to look up on the school’s website, call the school’s hotline number, ask for the right person, or department and only then will be transferred to the admissions department that in charge of. This process can take some time before their questions can clearly be resolved.
In fact, Banking Academy is one of the very first pioneers in applying intelligent and high technology services into the communications system through a partnership with One Smart Star Vietnam (OSSV). OSSV provides an entirely innovative approach to schools, a breakthrough in unified corporate access and customer loyalty by bringing together disparate business information in a fast and efficient manner – one example is Shorten Dialing.
Users simply dial Star (*) and a 4-digit Identity Code, for example *1234/*ABCD. This unique and easy to remember Star Number will synchronize all school communication channels including Voice (Mobile, Landline), Fax, Visual IVR, Email, Website, etc.
Besides that, OSSV service also offers a unique and completely customized Visual IVR with your branding. Users can easily dial the Star Number on any smartphone device and the school’s mobile app will be displayed on the screen with a variety of options and/or menus to choose from.
Now people just simply need to dial *4864 / *HVNH to be connected directly to Banking Academy. Simultaneously, through the VIVR, users can capture all the useful information via a single easy-to-use platform. What’s more convenient than that you can easily look up all the necessary information on your smartphone device, through just a well-designed visual platform, and without putting any effort to remember so many communication channels, directly to where you need? Not only it improves the way of communication between parents, partners with schools, but students themselves also have more opportunities to get to know their school as well and get the prompt answer for any of their wonders. Hence, that is why this innovative tool would definitely narrow the gap between the school, its students and parents.
We hope that in the near future more and more schools will apply these smart services in enhancing their communication systems, ease and shorten the way of communication between schools and others.