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4-digit hotline is the short phone number which consists of symbol [*] and 4 digits/ letters corresponding on keyboard - easy to remember and simple to use.


Narrow the gap between enterprise and customers

Increase 20-30%
of call traffic

Enhance customer experience and customer service quality

Improve the
brand identity

Visual IVR

Visual IVR is designed flexibly on the demand of each company. The Visual IVR allows to enhance customer experience by integrating al communication channels into a screen. 

When dialing 4-digit hotline from Star Phone keyboard, user will be led to the Visual IVR of enterprise. Then, user can refer different information such as branch address, services, location, social media channels and so on. 

Thanks to creative and visual interface, Visual IVR has opened a new era for customer service. 

How to active a star number?

Enterprise needs to provide a VNPT landingline. One Smart Star and Telcos will work together to activate the star number.

How about star number fee?

The fee depends on number classification: Silver, Gold and Platinum. The fee can be paid monthly or annually.

Does star number change the structure of call center?

No. The call center and other infrastructure of enterprise has no change during the period of activation and use.

Which enterprises are using star number?

Star numbers are now being used by companies in different fields such as bank, finance, insurance, real estate, F&B, healthcare, logistics, transportation, beauty and so on.

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